“Everybody says they want to bring New York Back.
New York was never gone. We have been right here watching, listening, like a proud Father.”

– #NewYorkShit

#NewYorkShit is the new exciting street wear brand out of New York City, Made Exclusively for that Lil bit of New Yorker living within everyone around the Globe!!

Being a New Yorker is a State of Mind! A state of Hustle!

It’s time we remind everyone that New York City is still, and always has been, the hottest creative destination on the planet!

It’s time for us to represent that #NEWYORKSHIT, globally, as only New Yorkers can!

Buy $100 or more worth of product, today, and become and exclusive member of our Exclusive Membership Club.

#NewYorkShit donates 5% it’s proceeds to charities that help citizens with the New York State of mind, Globally. #HUSTLE #NEWYORKSHIT